1. E01 HB010838 90.5% PB - 3C's Evelyn E01

Power house type female, this purebred Churchill Red Bull daughter will do some great things in the show ring. We showed her this past fall at the National Show and she was a class winner and reserve division winner. Buy this one with confidence or get beat by her down the road.

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2. E99 HB011090 75% - 3C's Spot E99

You could write a book about this female. She is by far one of the highest quality females in the sale, study her lines and you will not find a hole in this one. She is the type of female that, if you get her bred right, she will be able to produce top notch herd bulls or high quality females.

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3. E10 HX001796 90.5% PB - 3C's Eve E10

The older cattlemen call this purebred heifer daughter of Ribeye the “cowboy kind” it doesn’t matter what color they are or what percentage, they are still good. She is sound, big hipped, heavy muscled and the list could go on and on. Don’t pass on this one just because she is red.

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4. E09 HB010899 81% - 3C's Lady Ribeye 1223 E09

Here is another really nice Ribeye daughter. She is a large framed heifer that has some muscle shape coupled with a complete set of EPD’s

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5. E98 -3C's Eleanor E98

Goggled eyed female that is moderate made with plenty of power and look to her. She is marked just how we like them, black to the ground with some eye pigmentation. Buy this one with confidence in turning into a front pasture donor cow later down the road. Sells open ready to breed to the bull of your choice.   

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6. E19 HB012095 75% - 3C's Elegance 2214 E19

Here is a Chac Mason 2214 daughter that has loads of future. This is the type if heifer that we have been striving to produce here at the farm. Stout made but still extremely sound. This heifer is green broke and with a little bit of time she will be ready to hit the show ring and start winning. She is horned.

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7. E22 HX001878 89% - 3C's Easter 109 E22

The best thing to say about this purebred heifer is WOW! Her sire, Catapult 109, has sired national champions and donor cows year after year. The most complete heifer in the sale, it is extremely hard to find a hole in this one. E22 has been a crowd favorite from the get go. She carries true muscle while maintaining her structural integrity, and is super attractive up front. She might be red but all your homework is done – just breed her to a black bull and the potential is unlimited.

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8. E14 HB012093 75% - 3C's Easy E6964 E14

This R Leader 6964 daughter gets better every day. She is off of a first calf heifer that has a beautiful udder. Talking with people in the Hereford breed these leader daughters and bulls thrive in sale and in production. She is goggle eyed and black to the ground. Here is a show heifer prospect and a donor cow in the making.

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9. E33 HB012096 75.5% - 3C's Ribeye Lady E33

Ribeye has been so consistent for us, our goal is to make cattle that are sound, good hipped with some power and this heifer has all of those pieces. Take a look at her full brother lot 17 and think about the bulls this heifer will be able to produce down the road. Easy E is the youngest heifer in the sale and runs right there with the older heifers.

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10. E24 HB012097 90% - 3C's Echo Z214 E24

Here is another purebred Chac Mason daughter with loads of growth. Her mother has a perfect udder to be a 5 year old cow. If you like cattle that are going to be larger framed this one is for you.

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11. D24 HB009262 64% - 3C's Lady Thunder D24

D24 should have had a halter on her and been in the show ring. A moderate made heifer with plenty of muscle and rib shape. She is homozygous black and homozygous polled. She is AI bred safe in calf to UPS Sensation 2296, a calving ease bull that can raise some great ones. The Sensation calves were the most talked about sire group at Hereford junior nationals last summer. These Thunder daughters have great udders – Due late September with a heifer calf.

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12. D48 HB009269 81% - 3C's Lady Thunder D48

Another nice made Thunder daughter, with traditional marks, that should make a powerful of a cow. AI bred to UPS Sensation 2296 – due in late September with a pure bred calf.

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13. D49 HB009270 82.5% - 3C's Lady Ribeye D49

Here is a high percentage Ribeye daughter that has loads of middle; she is black to the ground with plenty of style. She is homozygous polled. AI bred to Churchill Toro 507C ET, a sire that is doing great things at Ground Zero Farms. She is due in mid-September with a pure bred bull calf.

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14. D42 HB009267 81% - 3C's Lady Thunder D42

She is a really super complete female that is fault free in her lines. AI bred to Churchill Toro 507C ET. She is due in late September. Her calf will be purebred.

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15. D46 HB009381 81% - 3C's Lady Thunder D46

Another neat made Thunder daughter that has some eye pigmentation. She is bred to 3 C’s D45 of Ribeye and I think this combination will be a homerun. The calf, due in mid-October, will be a 78.25% Black Hereford.

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16. CLSC 4013 HB006599 62% - CLSC OPE Z196 Eileen 4013

We struggled deciding to let this pair go but we wanted to offer you a young pair that still has a lot of future. CLSC4013 has a beautiful udder and as you can see is raising an impressive bull calf. They will sell together as a pair. She is safe in calf to 3C’s Ribeye due in mid-October.

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16a. E41 HB012094 67% - 3C's Ernie Z420 E41

This bull has loads of future. He ties all of the right pieces together. I think he is one of the stoutest, heaviest muscled Dynasty we have seen. He will make a great heifer bull with a birth weight EPD of .9. It is extremely hard to find a bull with this much muscle shape and that low of a birthweight. He is horned.



17. D45 HB009285 75.5% - 3C's D45 Ribeye

If we didn’t already have several Ribeye daughters in our herd, we would be keeping this bull and using him. We cleaned up a group of heifers with him in the fall and he kept his condition very well. If you need some milk in your herd D45 is the bull – his milk number is in the top 10% of the breed. He had an adjusted yearling weight of 1178 and a weaning weight of 699.

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around the farm1Triple C Black Herefords is a family operation located in the northwest corner of Alabama. Our farm is located just outside of Florence in the small town of Killen, Alabama. We are two hours south west of Nashville, Tennessee, two hours north of Birmingham, Alabama and an hour west of Huntsville, Alabama. Our farm consists of three parcels totaling about  225 acres of Fescue based pastures.

We have been in the beef cattle business for 15 years and a member of the American Black Hereford Association for 6 years. I have been fortunate enough to serve on the American Black Hereford Association Board of Directors for 2 years and am currently the treasurer of the Association. I thoroughly enjoy giving my volunteer time to a breed that I feel has tremendous potential within the cattle industry. We are also a member of the American Hereford Association.

Our brood cows consist of 50 of the highest quality of Black Herefords that we have worked diligently to put together. We feel these females are sound, stout made, eye appealing cattle that will produce pounds of beef and serve as excellent mothers. Alongside our registered Black Herefords we have 25 registered Hereford cows that mirror the same high quality cattle. We use these cows as our base for producing outcross genetic Black Herefords.

Here at Triple C our main focus is to produce exceptional females that are sound from the ground up, big bodied, stout made and that are heavy milkers. We have designed these cows to work on every operation whether it is a seed stock Black Hereford operation or a commercial operation.

When producing bulls our goal is to produce bulls that will have growth and performance as well eye appeal for commercial and purebred breeders alike. We grow our bulls with condition and longevity in mind to provide years of production for our customers.

We have a constant supply of high quality breeding prospects for sale and viewing. Give us a call or stop by to visit and talk more about our cattle and ways that we can help you to make your operation more profitable.

Charles Crow, Owner, 256-710-3594

Tate Powell